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Blyth-Templeton Academy
Washington, DC

About Us

Blyth-Templeton Academy is an experiential micro school on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. serving grades 9-12. BTA offers an academically rigorous college- and life-preparatory curriculum designed to foster intellectual curiosity through active learning and community exploration. The small-school design and small class sizes allow a genuinely student-centered environment that allows students to fall in love with learning and take an active part in their own education.

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Open House

Come discover what a Blyth-Templeton Academy education truly is by joining us at our upcoming Open House! We welcome students and their families to join us for a fun-filled evening where you will have the opportunity to mingle one-on-one with our faculty and staff, discover the advantages of a BTA education, ask questions about our educational approach on your child's future, and meet BTA Head of School, Radha Parameswaran!

Attend an Open House


Info Sessions

We are happy to set up visits to fit your schedule. Visits to the school provide a great opportunity to meet some of the staff, get an overview of how things work at BTA, ask questions, and see the school and students in action. 

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Our Team

Radha Parameswaran

Head of School
Radha Parameswaran is Head of School Blyth-Templeton Academy-DC.

Temp Keller

Co-Founder and President
John Templeton (Temp) Keller is the Co-founder and President of Templeton Learning and Co-founder

Lee Palmer

Chief Innovation Officer
Lee Palmer is the Chief Innovation Officer for Blyth-Templeton Academy and was the founding Head of School for BTA.

Adam Curtis

Academy Dean
Adam Curtis Is Academy Dean for Blyth-Templeton Academy-DC.

Adrienne Wyman

Visual Arts Teacher
Adrienne Kralick teaches Visual Arts. She has a B.F.A.

Aleksey Gibson

Humanities Teacher
Dr. Aleksey Gibson teaches Humanities at Blyth-Templeton Academy. With a B.A. and M.Phil. from the University of London, and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia

Clover Afokpa

International Student Coordinator and Humanities Teacher
Clover Afokpa is International Student Coordinator for Blyth-Templeton Academy-DC and teaches Humanities and French.

David Sekora

Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher
David Sekora teaches Computer Science and Mathematics at Blyth-Templeton Academy. David has extensive experience teaching

E.V. Downey

Director of Admissions
E.V. Downey is Director of Admissions for Blyth-Templeton Academy-DC.

Jack Leathers

Biology and Environmental Science Teacher
Jack Leathers teaches Biology and Environmental Science. He has a B.A. in Biology (with a Minor in Music) from St.

Leslie Jean

Photography Teacher
Leslie Jean teaches Photography. She has a B.A.

Lyubomira Buresch

Visual Arts Teacher
Lyubomira is a practicing artist and art educator. By drawing from her interdisciplinary background in art and technology, she is helping her students build problem-solving skills.

María J. Mariñoso

Spanish Teacher
María J. Mariñoso teaches Spanish at Blyth-Templeton Academy-DC. She is a believer in the necessity to constantly improve and innovate her teaching.

Rebecca Claster

College Counselor & Service Learning Coordinator
Rebecca Claster is Blyth-Templeton Academy’s College Counselor. In addition, she is an educational consultant

Sarah Herman

Operations Coordinator
Sarah is the Operations Coordinator at Blyth-Templeton Academy, DC. She has her BA in Theater Arts and Technology from SUNY New Paltz.

Sarah Norman

Visual Arts Teacher
Sarah Norman teaches Visual Arts. Sarah has a B.A. from The University of Southern Mississippi, an M.F.A.

Scott Thomas

Music Teacher
Scott Thomas teaches music at Blyth-Templeton Academy-DC.

Sharita Thompson

History Teacher
Sharita Thompson teaches History classes for Blyth-Templeton Academy.

Tami Johnson

Photography Teacher
Tami Johnson teaches Photography at Blyth-Templeton Academy-DC.

Timothy Guy

Mathematics Teacher
Timothy Guy teaches Mathematics. An experienced high school math teacher and administrator, Tim has a B.S. in Mathematics from Mt. St.

Tyler Herman

Drama and Theater Studies Teacher
Tyler Herman teaches Drama and Theater Studies at Blyth-Templeton Academy. With a B.A. in Theater and Dance (minor in Music) from Cornell University and an M.F.A. in Acting from Brown University

Sam Blyth

Board Member
Sam Blyth, CEO of Blyth-Templeton Academy, was educated at Cambridge University (B.A. Hons. and M.A)., the University of Paris

Patrick Shaw

Board Member
Pat Shaw is the President and Managing Director

Dennis Keller

Board Member
Dennis Keller, Board member of the Blyth-Templeton Academy Board of Directors, is a lifelong education entrepreneur.

Ben Wallerstein

Board Member
Ben Wallerstein, member of the Board of Directors of Blyth-Templeton Academy, is deeply committed to issues of equity

News and Notices

Kalee’s Original BTA Application
Kalee’s Original BTA Application

Why is this the right location for the next Blyth-Templeton Academy? Nashville is a city of both

Summer Reading
Summer Reading

I missed the third day of junior year- because I failed to do my Summer Reading. My

Top 5 Favorite Summer Learning Trips for Families in Tennessee
Top 5 Favorite Summer Learning Trips for Families in Tennessee

At Blyth-Templeton Academy we know that learning doesn’t stop during the summer holiday. As our new

City as a Classroom
City as a Classroom

With a motto that includes“using the city as a classroom,” we are committed to giving our staff the

Celebrating International Museum Day at Blyth Templeton Academy
Celebrating International Museum Day at Blyth Templeton Academy

Did you know May 18 is International Museum Day? As educators at Blyth Templeton Academy we feel

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Blyth-Templeton Academy Nashville: Introducing our New Team Members
Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Blyth-Templeton Academy Nashville: Introducing our New Team Members

We are not just building a school; we are creating a community. Together, we are building a team of


Blyth-Templeton Academy is an experiential micro school offering an academically rigorous college-preparatory curriculum designed to foster intellectual curiosity through active learning and community exploration.

What if the future of education was developed around the student and driven by the student?

This is the question we are always asking ourselves.

The time and energy of mainstream education can get tied up by standardized testing, complex reporting, and a one-size-fits-all approach in the classroom. Meanwhile, the needs of individual students fade to the background.

We are pioneering an educational model that genuinely puts students first and that emphasizes the skills that colleges and employers value. Our model does not offer an “alternative” education, it offers an education experience that will help your student fall in love with learning and take an active part in their own education. 

Why not prepare students for successful, full lives starting in middle and high school?

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